Standard Features: 

MHM S-Type Xtreme

  • Tablet main control unit with WIFI connectivity
  • Self-diagnostic operating system
  • Instant technical support via internet
  • Online software updates
  • Print job memory storage via main control unit
  • High-speed AC/Servo electric index movement
  • Single/Double Index (in both directions)
  • Print start/finish and sample modes
  • Production/batch counter
  • Skip/miss-loaded shirt button
  • Pre-heat pallets function
  • Powerful AC electric drive print heads
  • Control keypad on every print station
  • Individual 'chopper' squeegee system
  • Quick release squeegees & floodbars
  • Squeegee arm lift for increased visibility
  • Independent flood/print speed controls
  • Tool-free front/rear stroke length adjustment​
  • Independent squeegee/floodbar angle adjustment
  • Squeegee pressure regulator on every station
  • MHM 'pin-lock' screen holding system
  • Adjustable screen holders for various frame sizes*
  • Individual o-contact adjustment on all stations
  • Full micro-registration with zero starting position
  • Aluminium honeycomb pallets
  • Push button super-fast pallet changeover
  • Flash cure adjustments from main control unit
  • Foot pedal with start/stop/hold functions
  • Safety system (bars)
  • Variable speed index control
  • Laser positioning guides - optional
  • Smartphone / PC-app (links to tablet control) - optional
  • U-clamp screen holders with pneumatic lock - optional
  • Multiprint function - optional
  • High-lift stations for double production - optional
  • Vacuum pallet system - optional​

*All MHM machines are compatible with both standard and re-tensionable roller frames

Our innovative and user friendly M-Touch Pro tablet/pad style main command unit provides simple ‘finger-tip’ controls for all operator functions and has full WIFI capability for instant and real-time technical support, no matter where you are located in the world.

The S-Type Xtreme SERVO comes with more standard features than any other press in its class, including a host of time saving features designed to significantly reduce your set-up times and boost your productivity to a whole new level. Our optional long stroke (LS) models increase flexibility ensuring that the S-Type Xtreme AC can be tailored to fit your individual business needs and budget precisely.